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About us

Retronics company and Retronics Publishing since 2011 to preserve the hobby of the head of the company - retro computers. The beginnings of the activity date back to 1998 when Jurek Dudek bought a Commodore 128 for PLN 80 from an advertisement. He found it couldn't be easily connected to modern TVs, so he started experimenting with cables. Then the idea arose to offer these cables to others, through forums, and then, when the business was growing - through eBay - already as Retronics. Currently, the company manufactures articles for retro computers, original parts, accessories, books, games, and magazines - both new and reissues of older titles from the era. Everything is done concerning copyright and property law - on licenses, contracts, and consents from various people and companies. There are some people helping with our projects. We also invite interested people to cooperate! All products are unique with great care and the heart of enthusiasts! We do what we like to get by ourselves. Profit is not important, customer satisfaction is very important. Unfortunately, all products are not cheap - niche production, low-volume production, and a lot of operational work and high costs. But thanks to passionate people like our customers, we can offer more and more products! Thank you very much. Retronics products are used all over the world, we have several service distributors, e.g. in Germany, Spain, Ireland, and the USA.